What Exactly Is Going On Here?

My whole blogging experience is a microcosm of how my life is. I make an incredible site, commit to it – decide there’s a shiner route elsewhere, then start again. This is my third time doing this.

Except this time is real because I dipped real money into my venture. I want this to work.

Writing is my drug of choice. If I don’t write, the withdrawal symptoms are severe. It’s therapeutic in a weird way rap or spoken word is. Something about forcing words, whether they want to leave you or not. Dropping your rage on the page.

So let’s keep this structured, shall we?

I’ll be posting

  • A short story writing prompt exercise every week
  • A poem bi weekly
  • And maybe a lil conversation here and there
  • Review? Rant? Who knows? when required.
  • Book 👏 Review 👏 every month.

I don’t do regimen or rules, but hey, let’s make this happen.

Hiba x