About us

I’m a 20 something youth who’s always loved writing. From my cringe worthy diaries from when I was eight years old, to desparate attempts to be a short story writer in my teens to what is now my fourth blog site.

I’ve persisted but there’s no denial in the fact that this is my calling. There’s a release and comfort in writing that I’d imagine therapy can’t replicate.

It is through writing I found my fears, my nightmares and my losses and built them into friends. It is how I’ve answered life’s hardest riddles and come out on top. It is how I’ve survived against the tide.

The phoenix – she grows weak and disappears. Bursts into flames. Turns into ashes. It is from those ashes, she is able to rise up again, as strong as ever.

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful, I share with you all, my site – my own domain – a first. Welcome to Written in the Ashes, a story of how she may burst into flames, but it is with those ashes she is able to rewrite the tape.