To you, Pakistan.

be proud of where you came from
My mother’s always told me
You look a little different
For all the world to see

For a very good reason
Your roots lie elsewhere
A land of beauty and peace
A land with open arms
Always ready to welcome you home
A land of home

Not the land you see on TV
Pakistan, the land of the free


Long live
Long live what exactly?
The family, the formalities
The culture stewing in
Every syllable of Urdu
Or Pashto or Punjabi
Or Sindhi, Balochi
Spoke so beautifully
Few and far between


Colonisation of the words
Cannot hold
Because Pakistan
Holds its own

We speak of the beauty
Seldom of the disgrace
Long live
Long live what exactly?
What is there to behold
A nation of greed
A nation unknown
A nation torn between doing right and doing
What is easy
knowing you can escape
depending on who’s on your
Contact list.

A land of beautiful nights
Yes you can see the stars
Because it’s always night
No pesky city lights
Cause there’s no electricity to run
No light
For the masses
If the pollution would move aside
You’d see the most beautiful sunrise

A nation created on a foundation of faith
Is now in shambles without it’s place

Where is the vision
where is the cause
where is the reason we started it all
Pakistan Zindabad
Take us back
To 1945
When our Quaid
Raised the stakes high
For us all.

We can be held
For the failures of the land
That treats us like her child
Her own son.

But we’ve treated Pakistan
Like how we treat our daughters
Our wives and our moms
Exhaust them until every natural resource
Is gone
Remind them it’s us before her
She is meant to give and never receive
Well perhaps, just maybe

If we treated our women
And our land
Like we treat our boys

The Almighty would see
We’re sincere
We create a new reality
In which our country prospers because
We feed it with love and light
Instead of waiting for it to provide.

It’s finally time
So rise
In the name of those who fought
For your freedom to practice Islam.

Your lack of integrity
Is bringing us down on our knees
Your lack of sincerity
Is the real corruption were facing

Politicians hands were never clean
Society is built on the backs of the people
So by all means
Point the figure at the men on the TV
But know you are the bigger enemy
Underpaying your employees
Cheating poor families
For a country made of engineers and doctors
Why have we failed this very simple math problem

Beyond the Deep
Has oceans more serene
We must dive
Dive deep
Within our hearts
Bring change in society
To get to a place
Deserves to be

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