when They pass the mic

diversity on our terms.

Your voice may carry tones
Much higher than my own
You make no attempt to reign them in

And why would you
Your voice has always
Celebrated in reign
Raised in authority
Raised in vain

You see, the decibels of your speech
Are the very alarm bells of our people
My people
Bowing down to the man in the jacket
The lady in the red coat
The flag of greed,
blue, white and red
Colonialism is not dead

It has passed on to the afterlife
Here, man, woman or child
Learn and live the life you have dictated to be right
The haven your people designed
For those who fought your wars
Fought to keep you alive

Negativity is the only language
You speak because the only way
You think we can behave is misbehave.
Push your sister of a different colour
Out of line because
It’s always you first.

Defiance is in your soul
Ignoring what’s right, letting morals go
To speak is your God given duty
To open the doors for others is an act of charity
A hobby
An optional extra
An accessory

Your people wear empathy
Like they’re diamonds from Tiffany
Smile and nod at our presence
Like and share our protests and demonstrations
All of our hearts bleed as one
When all is on video
When all is said and done

My ancestors did not die
To see our minds taken
Away in broad daylight

You’re used to being right
Being in control
And now you don’t know
How to stay in your own lane
And that’s why
You don’t know
How to whisper
Or speak in hushed tones
When your opinion
Does not need to be known.

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