Not In Our Name.

We lose a few couple hundred families
In the West Bank, Falastine
The arrow is pointed back at our backs
Shot down while they aren’t even looking,

how crazy is that?
Okay, maybe, there’s more stories to this tale
So then go look at the Afghanis
Bombed in daily

For crimes they didn’t commit
Or did they, my memory is hazy.
Couple more brown folk
Locked up in Western China
But that does not matter cause they’re kinda
Dealing with other stuff and don’t they make
My favourite chicken chow mein?

Paris, Manchester, the USA
Just another day
A filthy brown Muslim terrorist
Tries to take it all away
Every other day
We fight to kill to protect our freedom and liberty
So what do we do
When someone who looks like us
Attacks one of us

Heads down
Palms together
Begging & apologetic
For crimes our hands are clean of
But not our names
But not our religion
But not our names.

So now
A filthy white supremacist
Tried to take it all away
From the ones
They painted as the pilots

But only
A trickle of you
Come to comfort us
Those who have chose
To stay at home

Handed victory to him

Because you are below such crimes
Although his skin was the same as yours
He is not one of yours
He is not the sign of a problem
He is nothing to do with you
So you wash your hands of responsibility
Of the failure in our society
And wash your hands of us too
Your mourning brothers and sisters –

a disgrace to humanity.

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