Head Wanderings Poetry

The Voice Inside Your Head

The lull. The classic writers’ block. Until I was forced to pick up a notebook I knocked to the ground. My blocks tend to appear when I’m in some kind of routine, stable and sure of my choices. I usually haven’t been challenged a lot mentally. That’s very much my fault. Time to clean up […]


Use my head alongside my heart.

There was an unyielding confidence in the aura of her. Fire in her core. It was too much for him to handle. So tear tear tear it down. His flaws camouflaged by hers. His born-right as a male. Love is only four letters As fragile as her heart Too strong to be contained. She vanished […]

Head Wanderings

The Human Factor.

We think so highly of ourselves, the human race. You can see this arrogance in the hospitals. Doctors with years of experience under their belts take every procedure like a challenge, another level in the video game, to beat. At least in video games, you can unlock achievements. In the medical world, it’s just something […]

moslems back at it again

The Unsponsered Hijab.

I started wearing the hijab back in 2013. I remember the lead up. I’d be sick out of my mind studying, and stand in front of a mirror and try many different hijab tutorials on YouTube, with any pins and scarves I could find in my house. Through the many un-creditable women, I found my […]