The Phoenix

she breathes in

you are better than this

she says to anger’s twin

revenge, hate and violence

are all fighting for the central row

to the next outbreak of lightening

from the lioness

a rage like no other

cocked back




there she goes

into the ether

she ain’t an amateur

a firecracker is a candle

next to her, because she’s carried the fire

of a few galaxies

and isn’t afraid to become a vandal

and burn anything in her path

even if it is her

a reoccurring self saboteur

she was not able to fight

couldn’t even be her own white knight

prides herself on sensibility

belief in her morals and ironically

she doesn’t want to stay in the past

but you need to understand why the flag is half mast

everything she did not do

or could have done to undo

rolls down the mountain from the summit

snowballs into nothing


because there is nothing she can do now

to repair her broken spirit

she’s back like a boomerang

rewinding the tape but at the end of the day

all she can do is embrace

what keeps her soul alight

reminds her she is alive

reminds her of her agency

her heart beats itself

to stay alive

she’s a broken angel

that cannot fly

icarus came back down of his own demise

flew too close to the sunlight

‘cept now she wants her chance to atone

so right now, fury is the only language she knows

once she has her chance to start again

she will seek recompense.

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